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  1. Shri T.N. Chopra Founder Memorial award to the students standing first in class consecutively for three years.
  2. Award for standing first in class in the Annual Exam.
  3. Award for scoring 100% marks in one or more subjects in C.B.S.E. Examination.
  4. Award for getting distinction in 3 subjects in All India Secondary School Exam.
  5. Half fee concession to students securing distinction in 4 subjects in the All India Secondary Examination.
  6. Full fee concession to student securing distinction in all 5 subjects  & seeking admission in the school.
  7. Smt. Dropadi Kapoor Memorial Half Fee Concession on merit-cum need basis for the student of class XI.
  8. Half fee concession on merit-cum need basis.
  9. Partial fee concession on merit-cum need basis.
  10. Award for securing 100% attendance during the academic year.
  11. Shri Produman Krishen Special Award to the student securing 100% attendance consecutively for 3 years.
  12.  Award to student reading maximum number of books in the academic year.
  13. Award of good conduct badges.
  14. Award in excelling sports & games.
  15. Award for Inter house activities.
  16. Various Awards, merit certificates for participating in cultural, co-curricular activities at class and Inter-house level.


  1. Awards to teachers for getting 100% results in the subject taught in the C.B.S.E. Examination.
  2. Special award for showing 100% result consecutively for three years.
  3. Awards for punctuality.
  4. Awards for being very regular during the academic year.